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Singapore Zoo E-Ticket


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Singapore Zoo E-Ticket

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Singapore Zoo Admission and Tram E-Ticket

Travel Period: 27 Nov 2015 to 31 Dec 2016

Since 1973, Singapore Zoo has been known for having among the most beautiful wildlife park settings in the world, where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats.

Nine-time winner of the coveted Best Leisure Attraction Experience award by the Singapore Tourism Board, our 26-hectare wildlife park is nestled within the lush Mandai rainforest that stretches into the magnificent Upper Seletar Reservoir. More than 2,800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles call Singapore Zoo home.

Many of our animal habitats incorporate special viewing features such as elevated platforms to view our giraffe exhibit, underwater galleries to see the watery worlds of our otters, pygmy hippos and giant estuarine crocodiles, as well as glass observatories to see animals such as the predatory cheetahs and lions. On top of the fascinating perspective of the animals, you get to view them in environments that have been thoughtfully built and landscaped after their habitats in the wild.

Other highlights : Wild Africa , Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia , Australian Outback, Fragile Forest Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, free-ranging orang utan, Rainforest Kidzworld , Elephants at Work and Play Show, token feeding session and more…

Opening hours :
Monday to Sunday : 8.30am – 6pm


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